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We provide solutions for individuals searching for a job, looking for a new job, or preparing for a promotion. We provide Resume and Cover Letter Packages as well as related correspondence. We also provide assistance with the next step – the Employment Interview. This includes do’s and don’ts, what questions to expect, and which questions you should ask. We can also conduct mock interviews so that you are completely prepared for that interview! We have helped many people with Career Placement, Career Advancement, and career changes. Call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Satish completed his Bachelor of Commerce at University of Calgary, majoring in Marketing and Operations Management. When Satish first immigrated to Canada, he lived in Quebec City for almost 10 years. He attended an English school and lived in a Francophone neighbourhood which allowed him to become truly fluent in English and French. He has also held a number of positions that required fluency in French and English.

During his career there were times when a career change was necessary. This is when he acquired the art of writing resumes and cover letters. Satish has helped many friends, family, and clients launch a new career or improve upon their current employment. He differentiates himself from other writers by providing coaching and assistance with interview skills, job board postings, working with recruitment firms, and the basic do’s and don’ts of a career placement search.

Satish Mistry is an accomplished Business Executive with outstanding results in Sales and Marketing.

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